International Students Activities 2016


8 May 2016, Aman Central Mall, Alor Setar, Kedah


UniMAP takes pride in any tournament or competition it involves in and always has been a great support in any sport activities, either at university, national or international levels. Hence, UniAMP is always associated with the winning team; the team that will never come home empty handed but with bags of gold. So far, UniMAP has produced number of world-class bowlers and always proud of its bowling team. With the energy, commitment and Great Spirit of the staff, UniMAP proudly holds a “champion” title for eight consecutive years in the Inter-Varsity Games (SUKUM) since 2007. Not to mention, UniMAP also wins big in many other sports competition and tournament throughout the country.

With that in view, Centre for International Affairs (CIA) takes one step further to share the winning spirit of UniMAP with its international students. Aimed to expose and train international students, CIA will be organising some tournaments that involves local and international students such in football, futsal, badminton and many more. As a start, CIA has organised a bowling tournament named as “CIA Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2016” in Aman Bowl, Aman Central Mall, Alor Setar city, Kedah state.


                              Bowling3     Bowling1 Bowling2



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Perdana MQA IPT Perlis 2016

29 April 2016, Masjid Al-Hakam, Kok Klang, Mata Ayer, Kangar


Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Perdana MQA Ipt Perlis 2016 is an event that is organized by MQA IPT Perlis. The activity is basically meant to hold some social services in Kok Klang village.

A total of thirty five (35) students from UniMAP joined the event. Twenty one (21) of them were international students. UniMAP’s group was assigned to clean “Surau Kampong Klang Baru” around “Kok Klang”. This program is considered as one of the seven pillars programs that students have to obtain prior graduation (baktisiwa).






23 April 2016, Dewan Kecemerlangan (DK2), UniMAP's main Campus, Ulu Pauh


UniMAP has successfully organized an International Students Cultural Night  to showcase the the various cultures and backgrounds of its students. The event has recorded a big success with attendance of around 500 students from UniMAP. Besides that, the event attracted few students from other neighbor universities from the neighbor states. The event was a platform to promote the cultural variety that UniMAP embraces. More than 20 countries presented their traditional dances, songs, antiques and cloths.

UniMAP has been winning big in the field of international students’ cultural performances. A very good example is the annual championship of the 1world cultural festival which is organized by the ministry of higher education in collaboration with Nilai University. UniMAP believes that, having an annual cultural night would establish a platform where international students’ talents are discovered and promoted.