Working part time notice

Procedure for Part-Time Job Application

for UniMAP International Students.

1) International students of UniMAP, with valid Student Pass, are allowed to work in a part-time job with a maximum of 20 hours per week.

2) They are allowed to work during semester breaks and festive holidays only.

3) The application to work part-time must be made to the State Immigration Department through UniMAP and must be supported with an offer letter from the employer.

4) The student needs to be accompanied by CIA representative at the Immigration Department when submitting the application.

5) UniMAP through CIA must provide a supporting letter allowing the international student to work, and to include:

  •   Students’ academic report
  •   Students’ attendance report
  •   Dates of UniMAP’s semester breaks.

6) The  Malaysian Immigration is strict on the types of employment that the students undertake. International students are only allowed to work in:

  •   Restaurants
  •   Petrol kiosks/stations
  •   Mini markets
  •   Hotels

7) International students are not allowed to work in the following positions:

  •   Cashier
  •   Singer
  •   Masseur
  •   Musician
  •   Guest relations officer (GRO)
  •   Any work/activity deemed to be immoral

8) Any change of employment, the student must inform UniMAP/CIA immediately.

9) UniMAP/CIA is required to submit a quarterly report to the Immigration Department about the students’ academic progress and attendance.  

10) The extension of the approval to work will only be given if the student maintains a good academic record.