Tips For International Students


Good morning Selamat pagi
Good afternoon Selamat tengahari
Good evening 
Selamat petang
Good night
Selamat malam
Thank you Terima kasih
How are you? apa khabar?
I want to go.. Saya hendak pergi
Where is? Di mana?
Turn left Belok kiri
Turn Right Belok kanan
Straight ahead Terus ke hadapan
Stop here Berhenti di sini
Slow down Perlahan-lahan
Be careful Hati-hati
Eat Makan
Drink Minum
Go home Pulang ke rumah
Hungry Lapar
Thirsty Dahaga
From Dari/Daripada
To Ke/Kepada


Local Information

  • Shoes must always be removed when visiting homes or places of worship such as mosques and temples. Most mosques provide robes and scarves for ladies.
  • While visiting a homestay village, please be respectful of local customs and traditional.
  • When sitting on the floor, men sit cross-legged while women normally sit with their legs tucked to the side.
  • When pointing, it is preferable to use the thumb with the four fingers folded under, rather than the forefinger.
  • To give or receive something, try to use the right hand.
  • Always ask for permission before taking photographs when you are in someone's home.
  • The country's large Muslim population does not drink liquor or alcoholic beverages.
  • The weather is generally warm with occasional torrential showers. Cotton clothes, rubber shoes and sun hats are the best. Always ask for permission before taking photographs when you are in someone's home.



    The tropical climate in Perlis makes the weather warm, with temperatures between 28 to 33 degrees Centigrade. Rain occurs occasionally all year round.



    The Ringgit Malaysia (often written as RM) is Malaysia’s unit of currency. Notes come in RM100, RM50, RM10, RM5 and RM1. Coins are called sen and come in 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen. Travelers cheques can be cashed at banks and major credit cards are acceptable in most hotels.


    Business hours 

    Retail shops are generally open between 10am to 8pm. Government offices are open from 8am to 5pm. Banking hours are from 9am until 4 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are public holidays.



    Bahasa Malaysia is the national language. Many people in Perlis can speak and understand simple English. Different ethnic groups speak their own dialects. Mandarin and Cantonese are widely spoken by the Chinese, while Indians speak Tamil. There are also Thai-speaking people in Perlis.


    Islam is the official religion of Malaysia but Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity are also widely practiced.


    Time difference

    Malaysia is eight hours ahead of GMT time.


    Drug penalties

    Drug trafficking in Malaysia carries a mandatory death sentence for convicted drug traffickers.