In Malaysia

Malaysia is very unique in the sense of its culture. People of different religions and backgrounds mix easily together, respect  and live with each other peacefully. The outcome is a spectacular mix of people, food, traditions and culture. Malaysians are generally a very happy and cheerful people, but most of them will not tolerate bad manners and rudeness. Manners are important in this country; always say "thank you" and "excuse-me"  when you are interacting with people. Like most Asians, the people here can be introverted and a little shy. Occasionally you may be lucky to meet an outspoken person with whom you can have an insightful chat about Malaysian or world issues. Tell them you find Malaysia lovely, they will smile broadly!

Friday Prayers 

Islam is the official religion, so come any friday, there would be an extended lunch break for friday prayers at all goverment departments. Avoid doing any official business during this time as all work comes to a stand still (except for essential services). In some states, the weekend is Friday and Saturday, so offices open on Sunday instead. 

Drugs :

Possession of  Heroin or other prohibited drugs (over the stipulated amount) carries the mandatory death penalty.


Civilians are not allow to be in possession of firearm; you need to have a license to carry and use.