Shopping & Dining


Enjoy value-for-money shopping at this northernmost state. Head for the duty-free complexes at the border and select from a wide variety of perfumes, confectionery, cigarettes, liquor, clothing, cookware and dinnerware. You can also make a trip to the farmer's markets and night markets found throughout the state.

Popular shopping spots :

  • Emas Kerajang Complex
  • Padang Besar Arcade
  • Pasar Tani / farmer's market and night markets statewide
  • Wang Kelian Sunday Market


A huge array of northern delicacies awaits adventurous foodies. Choose from a delicious  spread of flavorsome  rice dishes, noodle soups, traditional salads and fresh seafood. Tasty and affordable, you can find them at the numerous hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and food stall in Perlis. Those fringing the coastline also offer superb views.

Authentic local favourites :

  • Laksa Perlis

Don't leave Perlis without trying laksa perlis, one of the state's specialties. A combination of rice noodles and fish gravy topped with boiled egg, cucumber, onion and herbs, this dish is savoury as it is spicy. It is sometimes complemented by pulut udang, a glutinous rice snack with sambal prawn filling.

  • Grilled Catfish

An enticing smoky aroma accompanies the succulent flesh of the catfish. Dipped in a sauce made from tamarind, chili and sugar, it is eaten with rice and herb salad

  • Seafood

The coastal town of Kuala Perlis is famous for seafood fresh from the sea. The seafood eateries come to live at night, serving mouth-watering lobster, fish, crab, prawn, cockle, octopus and squid dishes that are cooked in a variety of styles.